Travel Insurance


Parker Travel strongly recommends that you purchase a travel insurance policy which can cover expenses related to your trip in the event you are unable to travel, or if your journey is interrupted by an unforeseen event.

Just a few of the reasons you may need travel insurance include:

  • You are unable to make your trip due to an injury, illness, or death
  • Your aircraft is delayed due to mechanical reasons, causing an interruption in your travel plans
  • Your flight is delayed, and you miss your connection, causing you to miss your cruise
  • Your bags are delayed or lost.
  • While you are on the tour, you need medical attention for an illness or injury (many U.S. health insurance policies will not cover you while you are abroad)
  • The tour operator you were to travel with goes out of business
  • Your purse is lost or stolen, and you need assistance with cancelling credit cards, replacing a lost passport, etc.
  • A natural disaster disrupts your planned journey
  • Your plans change and you decide not to take the trip


Travel Protection Available:

Once you sign-up with Parker Travel to participate in a tour program, we will provide you with contact information for several travel insurance companies you may wish to consider.