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Popular Destinations for Zoo and Aquarium Tours:

Parker Travel and its overseas service partners have designed hundreds of itineraries designed to provide participants with an unforgettable wildlife experience!

Please click on a tour name below for a day-by-day itinerary:


Luxury Botswana Safari
                                               "Simbashatu"  -  Deluxe Botswana & South Africa Safari
Enchanting Kenya Safari
                                                Kenya & Tanzania
                                                Wildlife of Madagascar (ask for detailed itinerary)
Namibia Experience  
Rwanda & Uganda:
                                                Gorilla Encounter (ask for detailed itinerary)
                                 South Africa:
                                                South Africa Penguin Encounters (ask for detailed itinerary)
South Africa - Cape Town & Kruger
                                               "Simbashatu"  -  Deluxe Botswana & South African Safari
                                                Tanzania Safari
                                                Southern Tanzania Safari 
                                                Uganda - Primates & More!

                                                Zambia Safari (ask for detailed itinerary)


                                Bali (Indonesia):   
                                                Bali Wildlife Tour  -  Featuring Komodo Dragon Excursion!

                                Borneo (Malaysia):  
                                                Borneo - Orangutans & More!
                                                Surprising Borneo & Malaysia

                                                China - Pandas & More (ask for detailed itinerary)

India - Culture & Wildlife Safari  
India - Culture, Birds, Tigers & More!
                                                Southern India - Land of Asian Elephants  (ask for detailed itinerary)

                                        Sri Lanka:
                                        Sri Lanka Elephant Journey


                                       AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND 

                                                Australia Wildlife Experience
                                                Australia Wildlife Journey 


                                                   LATIN AMERICA
                                                Argentina Nature Program
                                                Brazil - Amazon & Pantanal - plus Rio
                                 Costa Rica:
                                                Costa Rica Wildlife Trail
                                                Galapagos & Ecuador Highlands
                                                Panama Birding Program 


In addition, we can customize a group tour to any destination your group might be interested in!



Parker Travel specializes in customizing quality tour programs for zoos and aquariums to destinations worldwide. Our tour themes include African safaris, Indian tiger safaris, bird-watching, whale-watching, Galapagos Islands Cruises, butterfly safaris, photography tours, and natural history and cultural journeys, to name just a few.

Choose pristine and culture-rich sights around the world, including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, India, Australia, Borneo, China, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Egypt and Europe.  With as few as 6 guests, we will customize a tour to fit your group’s specific interests.  We will assist you with tour ideas, and the promotion of your tours.  We will also show you various ways to incorporate travel into your fundraising efforts.  We will be happy to discuss with you any specific needs and interests you might have.  Parker Travel is a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), as well as ASTA and ARC.

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    How Can International Travel Benefit Your Organization, Your Members, and Your Community?
    There are many reasons your Zoo or Aquarium should organize a group tour, including:
         •  Potential fund-raising opportunities
  •      •  Providing members the opportunity to experience a special journey designed around nature and culture
  •      •  Provide an incentive to staff members to travel with the group, allowing them to enhance their knowledge
         •  Encourage participants to experience wildlife in its natural habitat, along with different geographies and cultures
         •  Realize publicity for your zoo or aquarium
  •      •  Attract new members from participants in the tours.


Why Work with Parker Travel?
•  Experience.  Parker Travel has been providing tour services around the globe since 1981.  Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.
•  Quality Services.  Over the years, Parker Travel has developed close, working relationships, with top quality service providers worldwide, assuring your tour participants of a memorable experience at a reasonable price.
•  Reliability.  Parker Travel is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), as well as the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).  In addition, Parker Travel is fully-accredited by ARC.
•  Experienced Guides.  We work with only top quality service providers in every destination.  These providers have been selected for their experienced technical guides, among other factors.
•  Promotional Support.  We provide extensive support to assist you in promoting your group tour.  This can include a dedicated web-page, customized brochures, an email campaign, and assistance with efforts to publicize the tour in your community.
•  Group Leader Travel Benefits.  Parker Travel provides unsurpassed benefits for zoos and aquariums in arranging group travel programs.  In most cases, one or more representatives of the zoo or aquarium can accompany the group without charge.
•  Practical for Small Groups.  Our programs are generally feasible for small groups of 10-or-more participants (many of the tours can be operated with as few as 6 paying participants). 

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