Christian Journeys


Let Parker Travel Customize a Tour for Your Christian Group


At Parker Travel, a primary goal is to enhance the lives of Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, by offering them the opportunity to visit points of interest around the world.   We can design an exciting experience for you group -- whatever your interest! 

Perhaps your desire is a spiritual tour, in which case you can start with one of our Bible Journeys.  Also, many Christians take great pleasure in visiting sights related to their Church's history -- whether that be a Catholic Tour to Italy, or a Protestant program to see the many historic sights relevant to the reformation.  Very popular among the latter are Luther Themes.  Our suggested Catholic Tours include programs to Italy, Ireland, Poland, France, Spain and Portugal.  Among the many other possibilities are mission journeys to destinations around the globe, Christian youth journeys to points overseas, and community trips to popular destinations abroad.

Why Plan a Christian Journey for Your Community?
There are many reasons your Church or Christian organization should organize a group tour, including:
     •  Providing members the opportunity to experience a spiritual journey
     •  Enhancing fellowship and friendship among participants and leaders
     •  Experience different geographies and cultures
     •  Increasing public awareness of your Church or religious organization
     •  Potential fund-raising opportunities


Why Work with Parker Travel?
•  Experience.  Parker Travel has been providing tour services around the globe since 1981.  Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.
•  Quality Services.  Over the years, Parker Travel has developed close, working relationships, with top quality service providers worldwide, assuring you of a memorable experience at a reasonable price.
•  Reliability.  Parker Travel is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), as well as being fully-accredited by ARC.
•  Christian Guides.  In most cases we can secure the services of Christian guides; a tremendous advantage on our Bible Journeys and church heritage programs.
•  Promotional Support.  We provide extensive support to assist you in promoting your group tour.  This can include a dedicated web-page, customized brochures, an email campaign, and assistance with efforts to publicize the tour in your community.
•  Group Leader Benefits.  Parker Travel provides unsurpassed benefits for pastors, priests, and other group organizers (see below).


Benefits & Support for Christian Group Leaders
Perhaps you've considered hosting a Christian group tour, but were unsure about a number of issues.  The following are some of the typical questions we get from group leaders.  And if you have any other question at all -- just email us or call us!

•  I would like to offer a tour, but what will I be expected to do?  Your primary role will be in promoting the tour program to your congregation, parish, group members, or community.
•  How should I promote the tour to our members?  We will provide you with a number of recommended methods to ensure success in organizing your group.  These include tips on announcing the tour, distributing informational materials we provide, notifying your members by email (or let us do that for you), posting flyers (and placing them in the bulletin), etc.  If you need further help, we may even be able to assist you with distribution of press releases, or an audio-visual show (or even a presentation by a member of our staff).
•  When we travel, what will my duties be?  First and foremost, you will be expected to enjoy the trip yourself as a member of the group!  Parker Travel will provide a professional Tour Manager to accompany your group throughout, from arrival abroad until departure.  They will handle all of the details and coordination of the group's activities.  Similarly, we arrange for local guides, as appropriate, for included tour services.  So you will not be responsible for any of the travel and tour-related services being provided.  The only expectation we have of you during the tour is that you contact us and advise us should there be major any problem encountered, such as a flight delay.  During your trip, should you elect to do so, you may act as spiritual leader of the group at church services or masses.
•  What information will the group receive before departure?  Approximately three weeks prior to departure we will provide a detailed tour itinerary, along with specific information as to hotels, travel tips, etc.  In addition, we will provide you, as the group leader, with a final listing of the day-by-day itinerary, including all principal points of interest to be visited.  Along with this list of key sites will be applicable Biblical references, so as to allow your participants to prepare for the experience.


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