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Any journey, whether a group tour or an individual adventure, can be made more interesting by adding a special theme.  Whether you have a church group, senior citizen club, professional association, garden club, a zoo, or any other affinity, adding features related to the special interest of the participants enhances the experience.  Parker Travel specializes in Special Interest tours!

Technical or General?  Tour programs can be technical, with an educational or scientific theme.  Alternatively, they can be more general in nature, with a special interest twist.  For an example of the latter, see our "Exclusive Sicily" itinerary, a luxury tour program featuring
Wine & Gastronomy as a theme.

Included Features.  Special interest itineraries can include specialized visits, meals, events, meetings, and other activities.  In addition, guides and/or tour escorts with a special knowledge of the theme may be appropriate.

Ever Popular.  We receive requests for specialty itineraries for every conceivable topic.  Of all the requests we receive, two of the most popular themes are:

Zoo Journeys

Christian Journeys


 Endless Other Possibilities!  The special activities included are only limited by your imagination!  Here are other ideas:

Other Special Interest Themes


Contact Parker Travel and let us work with you to customize the ideal special interest program for your group!


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